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About Us  was started in 2001 by an Idaho fly fishing guide who had too much time on his hands during the winter months and decided to build a web site.

Our History

We started fly fishing for carp during the spring run off when the area rivers were too cold and off color for good trout fishing.  Several local lakes and reservoirs held good populations of carp and when we found out how much fun carp were we just kept going back for more.

Welcome to Fly Fish for Carp

Carp , once thought of as just a trash fish are quickly becoming a popular game fish.  Fly fisherman around the world are realizing that carp are fun to catch.  They are smart, picky, spooky, and put up an excellent fight when hooked.  The best thing about them is that chances are a carp lives in your neighbourhood, no need to travel to some exotic destination.  Ready to learn more? Click here

Fly fish for carp is your on line resource for all things carp!  News and product updates, carp tournaments, flies, stories, videos, photos.  If it has to do with fly fishing for carp we want you to be able to find it here.  

We are a small group of dedicated carp anglers stuck in trout country, seriously I have to drive several hours to get to good carp fishing but chances are you will have carp living much closer to you.  They love canals, golf course ponds, ditches, puddles, etc.  The greatest thing about carp is they are a readily available sport fish in literally every one of the contiguous United States.

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